10 Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Entertainment

Vintage Themed Act

Now more than ever, there’s room to personalize your wedding and make it your own special event, and closely following suit is wedding reception entertainment. So, if you’re planning to tie the knot dressed as a pirate or mid-air attached to a bungee rope (both actually happened, by the way), make your evening’s entertainment climactic with these unique live music ideas.

Combined DJ and Musicians Act

Wedding Reception Entertainment

You might be considering hiring a DJ as well as a live band – it’s not a bad idea; with the inevitable intervals between a band’s sets, the presence of a DJ can fill these awkward gaps and retain the electric atmosphere only a live performance can bring. But if the idea of booking two acts makes your pockets feel light, one trend that’s taking the wedding scene by storm is that of combined DJ and musician acts. Covering all bases, this kind of entertainment can incorporate DJ performance, sax, and percussion for a dynamic and varied live experience.

A Spanish Guitarist

Wedding Reception Entertainment

If the idea of a dance-floor, DJ, and some classic sing-alongs feels a bit too mainstream for your wedding, why not secure some live entertainment with a twist? Perfect for a moody and exhilarating atmosphere, the sound of twanging and tinkling guitar strings maneuvered by an expert Spanish guitarist will transport your guests to another world. Wherever the reception, they’ll soon be seeing themselves in the sun-soaked streets of Barcelona.

A Vintage Themed Act

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Retro-themed weddings have never been more popular than they are right now, and with internet sensations like Postmodern Jukebox and in-vogue genres like Electro Swing, there’s never been a better time to hire a Vintage style act. From glamorous tap-dancing 20’s singers to gritty 50’s rock ‘n’ roll groups, it’s a sure-fire way for everyone to hear their favorite songs with an innovative twist.

A Beatbox Group

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Most people can’t help but be impressed by a group of musicians who have no need for musical instruments, so for some live entertainment to surprise and amaze, this kind of performer can act as a happy alternative to the traditional wedding band set-up. An effective way to work up a dance-floor frenzy, polished beatbox groups will make sure that no one’s left in their seat by the end of the set.

A Vocal Trio/Quartet

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Another act whose only chords need to be vocal, captivate guests with the glorious harmonies of a talented vocal trio or quartet. Thanks to hit films like Pitch Perfect, acapella groups are enjoying a huge swell in popularity, and some even offer choreography and high production value to get the party started with a bang.

Solo Saxophonist

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Becoming a regular sight at clubs across the world, solo saxophonists are versatile performers who can invoke both the mellow vibe of a downtown blues bar and the buzzing atmosphere of an Ibiza dance-floor. Have your family and friends hear the biggest dance remixes and sing-along pop tracks in a whole new way, wowing the most discerning of music aficionados with a dazzling performance to flood the dance-floor.

Singing Waitresses/Waiters

Wedding Reception Entertainment

The element of surprise is always a guaranteed way to intensify the excitement; all it takes is a chorus of gasps, a few dropped jaws and hurried whispers, and the energy of the room is changed for good. With this in mind, you might want to consider some singing waiters or waitresses to act as your reception’s live entertainment. Blending seamlessly with the crowd, these performers wait for the perfect moment to fling down their napkins and start singing. The night won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

French Café Style Duo

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Want to take your loved ones to Paris but don’t have the cash? Well there’s nothing to stop you from bringing the Parisian vibe to your reception with the help of a French Café style act. Evoke sophistication and romance with a glamorous clarinet and accordion duo, and have guests jaunting across the dance-floor dreaming of the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge.

A Tribute Band

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Obsessed with The Beatles? Devoted to Bublé? Adore all things 80’s? Capture your dream sound with a professional tribute band to dupe guests into thinking you had the budget for the real thing. And if you’re worried that this kind of act might come across a bit corny, rest assured that there are plenty of stylish acts out there able to seize the precise atmosphere without needing to ham things up.

A Gypsy Jazz Band

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Again suggesting a slightly distant, escapist feel, Gypsy Jazz bands are perfect for adding some glamour and excitement to your reception. Most provide foot-tapping renditions of jazz standards with a modern twist, so they’re guaranteed to add a lively air to your reception without alienating your chart-loving family and friends. With a sparkling and unique style, these groups are equipped to accompany high-energy dance-floor peaks and slow-moving moments alike. To top it off, their look is just as encapsulating as their sound.

Give your guests something to write home about with one of these ever-so-slightly alternative acts. It’s important to secure a style of music that has everyone having fun, and these performers make for the means to safely do this without the threat of underwhelming. To explore these acts as well as some more traditional alternatives, check out Entertainment Nation for the most electric (and eclectic!) live entertainment.

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